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Inside/Outside: Adventures in Caribbean History and Anthropology

by Richard Price


University of Georgia Press, October 2022, paperback US$ 28.50


Provisional Cover Copy:


Inside-Outside is a narrative of Richard Price's life as an anthropologist, historian, and Caribbeanist—from conducting pre-dawn discussions with Maroon historians deep in the rainforest of Suriname to editing a university press book series on Atlantic studies.... from weekly meetings with Claude Lévi-Strauss in Paris to long-term collaboration with Sidney Mintz, ...from adventures at sea with Martiniquan fishermen to negotiating the ivory towers of Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins, ... from explorations of the art of Romare Bearden to number-crunching from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. This is a tale of life experiences, and often-unconventional life decisions, inside (and outside) the academic world. Beginning with a high-schooler mesmerized by a stay on the Navajo and Hopi reservations, and running through the founding of a major university department and the aftermath of a decision, a decade later, to forego permanent academic affiliations, the story is told with honesty, humor, and insight into the inner workings of academic politics from the 1960s to the present.  Readers look over Price's shoulders—and those of his wife and research partner, Sally Price—as he developed the ideas for some of the twentieth- and twenty-first century's most prize-winning books in the fields of history, anthropology, and Caribbean studies.