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Writers, researchers, teachers, and lecturers, we often work collaboratively (on a wide range of ethnographic topics), but Sally writes more on aesthetics and museums, while Rich focuses more on ethnographic history and human rights. Since the mid-1960s, we've been learning and writing about Maroons, descendants of rebel slaves throughout the Americas (but particularly in Suriname and French Guiana). Our geographical interests cover Afro-America, from Brazil to Toronto. After being based in Martinique for more than thirty years, we now spend the bulk of our time on Coquina Key, Florida.

Presenting Romare Bearden to Aimé Césaire (Fort de France, 2007)

For many years, we have served as book review editors for the world's oldest scholarly journal on the Caribbean, the New West Indian Guide, which is now fully accessible, gratis, on-line: https://brill.com/nwig

The "Books" section (click above) presents most of our work that's been published between two covers.

For information on our articles, reviews, book chapters, and other briefer publications, please click on Rich's CV or Sally's CV.

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With Antonio Martorell in his studio (Ponce, Puerto Rico, 2016)
Rich receiving the Premio Internacional Fernando Ortiz, one of the Caribbean's highest honors, from Miguel Barnet (Havana, 2014)
Examining the Dobru collection of Maroon art at the Casa de las Américas (Havana 2014)
With Sylviane Diouf and Omar Ali at the Schomburg Center's "Maroons Revisited" event, 2015
The view we had in Martinique....
Looking out at Tampa Bay, with our house on the right.