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Maroon Societies:

Rebel Slave Communities in the Americas

edited by Richard Price

3rd edition, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996

Maroon Societies is a systematic study of the communities formed by escaped slaves in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. These societies ranged from small bands that survived less than a year to powerful states encompassing thousands of members and surviving for generations and even centuries. The volume includes eyewitness accounts written by escaped slaves and their pursuers, as well as modern historical and anthropological studies of the maroon experience. For this edition, Richard Price has written a new preface reflecting recent changes in both maroon scholarship and in the lives of contemporary maroons throughout the Americas.

"The collection provides valuable insights into the nature of maroon communities, their problems of survival in difficult environments, their necessary ties and even alliances to other economic groups and interests, their struggles to maintain themselves against state efforts to destroy them, and the remnants which survive up to the present. What emerges is a comprehensive picture of universal black resistance to the institution of slavery."
--Library Journal