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Co-Wives and Calabashes

by Sally Price

"A beautifully crafted book: well written, well organized, peerless in its ethnography, and theoretically robust and original."
--Sidney W. Mintz, author of Sweetness and Power

"Beautifully written and organized, scrupulously researched, unobtrusively original, polemical and emphatic. I have nothing but praise for Sally Price's narrative account of the lives of Saramaka women, and her richly detailed analysis of their economic dependence, their sexual customs, and their art."
--Elaine Showalter, author of Scribbling Women and Hystories

"Sensitively written, richly textured, and beautifully illustrated, ... Sally Price's highly engaging and nuanced portrayal of the gender politics of Saramaka art is a valuable contribution to anthropology as well as to Afro-American studies, women's studies, and art."
--Faye V. Harrison, author of Decolonizing Anthropology